Homemade White Peppered Gravy



Biscuits and gravy are MY JAM! And when you’re flying solo for the weekend they’re the perfect breakfast. Since it’s a lazy weekend for me, I didn’t go the extra mile to make homemade biscuits (will post that recipe later) but I did make my famous White Peppered Gravy! This gravy is so ridiculously simple and makes for the perfect biscuit topper! Also great on Chicken Fried Deer Steak (that recipe will be coming your way soon too).


  • 2 Tbsp Butter
  • 2 Tbsp Flour
  • 1 Cup Heavy Cream/Milk
  • Salt and Pepper to Taste; or Tony’s 



  • In small saucepan, melt butter
  • Once butter melts, add the flour and stir (It’s going to clump up. Don’t freak out!)
  • Slowly add the milk/cream, a little at a time and stir continuously to incorporate; gravy will go from looking like thick mashed potatoes to gravy consistency once all of the milk has been added
  • Add salt (or Tony’s) and pepper to taste

*If you use heavy cream (what I use), turn the heat to med before putting in the cream. If the cream becomes too thick just add in regular milk until it becomes the consistency of your liking.




This gravy is INSANELY simple to make, but you HAVE to keep your proportions accurate – 2:2:1 or 4:4:2
Tbsp Butter : 2 Tbsp Flour : 1 Cup Milk/Cream
Tbsp Butter : 4 Tbsp Flour : 2 Cups Milk/Cream

Enjoy 🙂

– TS

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