She is a dancer.
She randomly bursts into song.
She is a cook and a baker.
She is not a heavy drinker but finds it EXTREMELY hard to pass up a Saturday morning mimosa or a frozen strawberry margarita.
She strives to be nonjudgmental.
She lives for chocolate…especially when it covers strawberries.
She is forever indebted to dry shampoo and top knots.
She looks best in black or red.
She is a lover of all music.
She is a dog mom; she is a cat mom; she is a mom mom; she is a mom to all things.
She is young but wise beyond her years; she may have a few more miles on her but she is still young at heart.
She is confident but also insecure.
She is determined; she will not stop until she has accomplished what she has set out to do.
She cares more for others than she does for herself.
She is strong and independent.
She is a shit talker.
She is creative.
She is fiercely loyal.
She does not see race or religion or sexual orientation or gender or shape or size; she sees a fellow human being.
She is a lover not a fighter but will fight for those she loves and what she believes in.
She is passionate.
She sees things in a different light.
She has difficulty remembering things for herself because she is busy remembering things for everyone else in her household.
She is a traveler.
She is a sponge that is ready to soak up all of life’s experiences.
She means the world to someone.
She is you
And she is me.
And we are amazing!



Shout out these BEAUTIFUL ladies that have shaped and molded my world into the crazy amazingness that it is today! I wouldn’t be me without you 🙂 And I thank you for allowing me to be apart of your crazy amazingness! It is so much bigger than us and yet we play such a crucial part. Keep on keeping on you wonderful, beautiful and strong shes!

– TS

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